The Federal Renewable Energy Screening Assistant (FRESA) helps Federal agencies analyze the use of renewable energy technologies for buildings and facilities. Although anyone can use FRESA, the software is targeted for use by the Federal sector.

FRESA assists in identifying renewable energy technologies appropriate for implementation at a facility or building. It allows users to evaluate several renewable energy systems to reduce electricity, fuel use, and greenhouse gas emissions at a building or facility. FRESA also allows users to focus efforts on only those renewable energy technologies that make the most technical and economical sense at a given facility. Feasibility study efforts can then be focused on the most promising renewable energy applications.

The following technology analyses are currently available within FRESA:

Solar Hot Water X
Solar Vent Preheat X

The above facility-scale renewable energy technologies available can meet the energy needs of multiple buildings within a site; whereas the building-scale renewable technologies are positioned to offset some or the entire load within a single building.

The followings resources are available to assist you with learning more about how to use FRESA.


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